Think about it

  • Never be awful to anyone, that person you were awful to may teach you the most.

  • Always remember...you are a somebody, God didn't take the time to create a nobody.

  • Always smile, you never know whose day you might be making.

  • Never 'forget' to say hi to anyone, never miss the chance to laugh or smile, never get too caught up in yourself that you forget to help others.

  • Never forget that you aren't the only one with problems, and most of all...never forget that when you feel like you only have one friend, that friend will remind you of all the others.

  • If you forget about all the bad things in life, the good will take over.

  • If fear is staring you in the face, close your eyes so you don't have to look at it.

  • Be yourself, you can't be anyone else...The best you can be is you!
hittade dethär sådä rändomly  på denna sida tycker att det är ganska bra skrivet och sku man allti följa dedär sku de ju va bra, men de gör man ju int alltid men försöker iaf..men ibland går de ba int..!

PUBLICERAT: 2011-04-27, 09:09:34 | URL: http://maddisenj.blogg.se/

Jag hade en underbar påskhelg med massor av umgänge med familj och vänner i solen och massa god mat och godis! Hur mår du idag?


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